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4 Reasons For Dads To Plan A Camping Trip For Father’s Day

15 May 2017
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Father's Day is quickly approaching, and you don't need another tie or "World's Best Dad" coffee mug. What to do? If what you'd really like for Father's Day is some quality time with your kids, planning a camping trip might be your best bet. Take a look at some reasons why Father's Day weekend is the best time for a father-and-child trip into the wilderness. Unplug and Reconnect In the digital age, it's easier than ever to get in touch with your kids when you're away from them, thanks to internet-connected devices and text and video messaging apps. Read More …

Tips for Keeping Your Motorcross Goggles Fog Free in the Winter

21 March 2017
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If you are serious about motorcross, then you may decide to race in all kinds of weather. This is likely to include the snow where large snow banks can really add to the excitement. However, the weather can bring about some challenges. One of the most common is the fogging of your 509 goggle lenses. If this is a problem that you experience, then keep reading to learn about some tips to keep the fog from building. Read More …

3 Things To Do Before Applying For Your Concealed Carry Permit

19 January 2017
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As a citizen of the United States, you have the right to bear arms. However, this right requires a great deal of knowledge, discipline, and responsibility. Fortunately, ensuring you own and carry a firearm in a safe, legal manner is possible. Purchasing a gun does require a permit, but concealing this weapon on your body or in your vehicle requires a special permit. Known as a concealed carry license, this permit requires an extensive application and testing process. Read More …

How To Safely Light Fireworks When Outdoor Conditions Are Dry

15 August 2016
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Fireworks like roman candles, ladyfingers, ground spinners, and M-80s are a great addition to a festive holiday. However, some parts of the country are experiencing a drought right now, and fireworks can lead to fires that spread and cause a great deal of damage. If you want to enjoy your fireworks without risking a forest fire, then follow the safety tips below. Create A Designated Firework Area If you want to light off fireworks on your property when the weather is dry, then consider using a patch of concrete or asphalt as your launching or lighting area. Read More …

The Walking Dead Birthday Parties: Rubber Band Gun Games For Children

29 July 2016
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The Walking Dead provides scary entertainment for the whole family. Many children are fascinated by the zombie-horror show and love to role-play the different characters and situations through multiple games. As your child's birthday approaches, you can celebrate the show by having a themed birthday party. A lot of The Walking Dead involves defending and hunting zombies. While planning different party games and activities, you can incorporate rubber band guns into the mix. Read More …