The Walking Dead Birthday Parties: Rubber Band Gun Games For Children

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The Walking Dead Birthday Parties: Rubber Band Gun Games For Children

29 July 2016
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Articles

The Walking Dead provides scary entertainment for the whole family. Many children are fascinated by the zombie-horror show and love to role-play the different characters and situations through multiple games. As your child's birthday approaches, you can celebrate the show by having a themed birthday party. A lot of The Walking Dead involves defending and hunting zombies. While planning different party games and activities, you can incorporate rubber band guns into the mix. Rubber band guns are wooden toys that shoot colored rubber bands into the air. They can enhance the excitement of birthday parties and provide easy options for a number of different party games. Browse through the following birthday party games that combines The Walking Dead with rubber band gun action.

Zombie Obstacle Course

The survivors in The Walking Dead must navigate their way through the city of Atlanta. You can recreate this same journey by creating a fun obstacle course filled with zombies and surprises. In this game, each child must make their way through the zombie obstacle course in the fastest time. Each section of the course can feature a different zombie target that the child must hit before moving on. Many websites offer free zombie targets that can be printed and used for the party game. In addition to the targets, the course can feature other obstacles like cones to run around or tires to hop through. Depending on the number of children at the party, each child can run through the course two to three times. The child with the fastest time in the course is declared the winner and the ultimate zombie survivalist.

Zombie Scavenger Hunt

In The Walking Dead, the characters must collect supplies and resources in order to survive. This experience can be recreated through a fun birthday party scavenger hunt. To set up the hunt, you can hide supplies around an area and provide a list of items for children to collect. Examples include small snacks, rubber band ammo, the rubber band guns, and extra supplies like a bandage. Once a child has collected all of the items, they can be rewarded with a special prize or something like a zombie survival badge. When purchasing supplies for the scavenger hunt, you want to ensure that you have enough supplies for everyone attending the party. Rubber band guns and ammo can be purchased in bulk so that each child is provided with their own toy gun to play with and use for the game.

Zombie Team Invasion

There many different groups and alliances featured on The Walking Dead. As you plan out party games, you can divide the children into two different teams. Each zombie team can be supplied with their own special gun and different colored rubber bands. Rubber band ammo is sold in a variety of colors that makes it easy to distinguish for teams. Each team can feature a different team color and have their own rubber bands. For the game, you can set up a variety of zombie targets that hang over large buckets. When teams are shooting the rubber bands that hit the targets will fall down into the buckets. During the invasion, teams can shoot freely at the zombie targets for a set amount of time. Once the time is up, you can collect the buckets and count the colored rubber bands that are placed inside. The team with most rubber bands in a single bucket is declared the winner of the game and the ultimate survivors of the zombie invasion.

Along with using rubber band guns for party games, the small toys make great party favors and can be handed out at the end of the party. Plan out different games with your child to choose the ones that they are most interested in.