Tips for Keeping Your Motorcross Goggles Fog Free in the Winter

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Tips for Keeping Your Motorcross Goggles Fog Free in the Winter

21 March 2017
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If you are serious about motorcross, then you may decide to race in all kinds of weather. This is likely to include the snow where large snow banks can really add to the excitement. However, the weather can bring about some challenges. One of the most common is the fogging of your 509 goggle lenses. If this is a problem that you experience, then keep reading to learn about some tips to keep the fog from building. 

Do Not Place Goggles on Your Head

If you commonly place your goggles on the top of your head in between runs or races, then this is a sure-fire way to cause the lenses to fog up. When you do this, the warm air that releases from your head comes into contact with the lens and this creates condensation. The easiest way to prevent this issue is to stop putting the goggles on your head. If you are stopping to warm up, place them in the warm air as you rest. Ideally, the space should be well ventilated so moisture does not collect on the lens.

Wear the Right Clothing

While it is wise to dress in warm and layered clothing, this can cause you to sweat a great deal as soon as you become active. The sweat can easily build on the goggle lens and cause them to fog up. If you do not sweat as much, then this issue can be avoided. Keep sweat at bay by layering your clothes properly. Start with a thin base layer made from a breathable material. While many outdoor companies make long underwear and insulating layers made from cotton, you should stay away from these products. They are much more likely to trap moisture than to allow it to evaporate. This can cause much more substantial overheating and more sweat.

You should instead look for long underwear and base layers that are made from synthetic materials. Items made from polyester or nylon are a good choice and will dry quickly. Silk is also a good choice.

Add one other layer over the base one and then put on your outerwear. If possible, make sure your jacket and your pants have exterior vents. Open these vents as soon as you feel yourself overheating to allow sweat to evaporate. 

Buy the Right Goggles

If you have a hard time keeping your goggles free of fog, then it is possible that you have the wrong ones. Some goggles, like certain types of 509 goggles are anti-fog. If you have an all-purpose variety, then it is wise to choose ones that are more likely to keep fog at bay. 

When looking for new goggles, make sure they have lenses that are spherical. The curved lenses help to create more space between the goggles and your face. This creates a buffer area so the facial perspiration does not cling to the inside of the goggles. This type of lens is only effective if the goggles also feature vents along the side that allow moisture to release. Make sure your goggles have these vents.

Also, goggles that have dual lenses are less likely to fog. With these types of goggles, a cushion of air sits between the inside and the outside lenses. This helps to keep the temperature of the lenses more consistent so that condensation is not likely to develop. 

Other features that include anti-fog coatings are a good choice too. You can even find goggles that have small fans in them. These fans usually run on a single battery and help to pull moist and hot air away from the lenses as you wear them. Just make sure to switch out the battery every few months, so the fan feature works as well as it should.