3 Things To Do Before Applying For Your Concealed Carry Permit

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3 Things To Do Before Applying For Your Concealed Carry Permit

19 January 2017
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As a citizen of the United States, you have the right to bear arms. However, this right requires a great deal of knowledge, discipline, and responsibility. Fortunately, ensuring you own and carry a firearm in a safe, legal manner is possible. Purchasing a gun does require a permit, but concealing this weapon on your body or in your vehicle requires a special permit. Known as a concealed carry license, this permit requires an extensive application and testing process. Considering an estimated 56 percent of Americans think the right would make the country safer, having your concealed carry permit can be a worthwhile investment. With this guide, you will be better prepared to apply for your concealed carry permit.

Research Your State's Laws

It is important to note that each state has its own specific laws regarding buying, carrying, and concealing a gun. In the past, most states prohibited carrying a concealed weapon, believing that it would increase crime across the country. Before you try and apply for a concealed carry permit, you must research your state's laws in detail.

As an example in the state's different laws, North Carolina will issue concealed carry permits as long as you meet the requirements. However, California may deny your permit application even though you meet all of the requirements.

Know Your Background

Having a clean background check is one of the requirements to receive your concealed carry permit. Unfortunately, many citizens do not realize issues affect their background checks. This will prevent you from purchasing a gun and also from receiving your permit to conceal carry. Once you know your state's specific laws, make sure to check your background.

In 1993, the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act was put into action to ensure licensed dealers of firearms perform background checks on potential buyers. If you were convicted of a crime or misdemeanor punishable by one year or two years respectively or you have abused drugs or prescription medication, you will be unable to pass the background check.

In addition, if you have been unlawfully discharged or a patient in a mental health facility, you will not be able to purchase a gun. Lastly, you must be a citizen of the United States to receive a permit to purchase and carry a gun.

To reduce your risk of surprises when applying for a permit to purchase or carry, check your own background.

Take a Class

Undergoing a background check and filing some paperwork are not the only steps needed to apply for your concealed carry permit. Attending a concealed carry course is mandatory in most states if you want to conceal your firearm. This course usually takes place in one day and is designed to educate you on the following:

  • Laws on purchasing, carrying, and using firearms
  • Safe use, cleaning, and carrying of firearms
  • Shooting practice

If you do not already own a firearm, discuss the possibility of renting or borrowing one from the instructor. While there are numerous online courses available, hands-on training by an instructor licensed in your specific state is best. This will improve your chances of an approved concealed carry application – as long as you meet the other state requirements.

Instructors can also walk you through the steps to apply for your concealed carry and undergo a background check once you complete the course.

No matter how skilled you feel you are, this course is an imperative part in not only owning and operating a firearm, but also for applying for your concealed carry permit.

The right to bear arms should be taken seriously, so being safe and following all laws is key. With these tips, you will be better prepared to apply for your concealed carry permit.