4 Romantic Skateboarding Gifts Ideal for Valentine's Day

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4 Romantic Skateboarding Gifts Ideal for Valentine's Day

4 January 2016
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For couples that skateboard together, the fun of riding and performing tricks is a great bonding experience that can make your relationship stronger. The next time a holiday like Valentine's Day approaches, you can infuse both romance and skateboarding into one with a collection of romantic gifts. Here are just a few ideas to get you started. 

Custom Boards

Surprise your loved one with a custom board that represents you as a couple. A number of online skateboard shops offer the ability to customize your own skateboard deck. By using different design elements, you can create a great looking deck. One design element to consider is your anniversary date. This can be printed and displayed on the bottom of the deck a number of different ways.

Symbols and clip art images can also be used to represent your love and relationship. For example, basic symbols to consider include hearts, roses, and other plants. If you have special locations together, then those images can be used on the bottom of the deck. For example, if you had your first date on a beach, then you can use a beach graphic to represent that time. Use the various design elements to create something that is unique and special to your time as a couple.

Matching Wheels

When you're looking for a small gift that can pair well with candy or chocolates, consider sets of matching wheels. Even through you and your partner may have different decks, you can easily afford two sets of matching wheels. The matching wheel designs can define you as a couple and create a great bonding experience.

When selecting wheels, you can choose from a number of colors and finishes. When you purchase the same wheel styles, you have the ability to mix and match color schemes. For example, you can both use two red wheels and two yellow wheels to represent each of your favorite colors. Patterned wheels can also be found. This includes designs like stars, animals, or cartoon characters.

Grip Tape Crafts

Take your Valentine's Day gift to the next level by crafting something out of a skateboarding material like grip tape. Grip tape has a unique gritty design and comes in a number of different colors that make it ideal for crafting purposes. One of the easiest designs to create with grip tape is a holiday card. By folding a big sheet of the grip tape in half, you can create a romantic skateboarding card that fits the theme for the holiday. Use stickers and decals on the gritty part of the tape and then write on the flat inside of the card using a pen or marker.

Another grip tape craft that you can create is a grip tape wallet. This is a fun skateboarding gift that a person can use for years. The small wallet design is ideal for holding an ID and some cash while a person skateboards. The craft is easy to create and shows the extra effort you made to make the Valentine's Day celebration special.

Park Passes

Instead of a physical gift, you can give the gift of an experience for you and your partner. By purchasing a pair of skateboarding park passes, you can create an entertaining time at a local indoor skateboarding park. When selecting passes, you can choose the person's favorite park or a new location where you can explore and bond together. If your budget is a little bigger, then you can consider purchasing seasonal or multi-visit passes to various parks. This will ensure that you loved one has a location to skate anytime they want to.

Along with the main gift, you can mix in smaller gifts and accessories like hats, decals, and skateboarding wax. It can make a great holiday theme and showcase your love for the hobby.

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