Feel The Force On The Course With 4 Star Wars Inspired Golf Outfits

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Feel The Force On The Course With 4 Star Wars Inspired Golf Outfits

10 December 2015
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Hitting the green is not just about getting the lowest score, it's about dressing in style and feeling comfortable while you shoot. If you're a big fan of Star Wars, then you can mix the best of both worlds by planning out golf apparel based off of some of your favorite characters. The following four outfit designs are inspired by popular characters in the film series. This covers characters and designs from all seven official Star Wars films. The outfit options can be purchased at a number of different golf and sporting goods stores.

Han Solo

A fan favorite, Han Solo often dresses in outfits and styles that are great for the golf course. One of his signature styles is the black vest. A black sleeveless vest with a zipper is a great way to match Solo's look. He often paired the vest with a long-sleeve white undershirt. You have multiple options when trying to match this shirt. You can wear a simple white polo or a white dress-up shirt. This will help match many country club dress codes.

If you're looking for improved flexibility and athletic performance, then consider a form fitting white long-sleeve athletic active shirt. These shirts help with sweat and swinging the club. Complete the outfit with a pair of dark golfing pants. The dark pants will match the vest and instantly give you a Han Solo look. Add a furry golf sock to your bag to represent Chewbacca and take things one step further.


It may be hard to golf in a large cloak like the Jedi wear, but you can come close to representing your favorite Star Wars heroes with an inspired golfing outfit. Jedi are known for wearing three colors: black, white, and brown. Layering these colors with specific apparel can bring your golfing Jedi outfit to life. Start off with a light base layer. A pair of khakis with a tan or white dress shirt works well. Top the shirt off with a brown vest or sweater. A half-zip fleece is nice way to showcase the pop of a light color underneath the sweatshirt.

Complete the outfit with a pair of black golfing gloves. Whether it's in combat or a meeting, a lot of Jedi wear dark gloves to use the force or get better grip on a lightsaber. Make your golf club feel like a lightsaber by wear a pair of solid black gloves.


The world of Star Wars wouldn't be complete without droids. The small robots are a huge part of the series, especially characters like C-3PO and R2-D2. Add some flash and modern looks on the golf course by representing the droids. For the base layer of your outfit, you can wear a reflective active shirt in either a gold, silver, or blue tone. This helps present the metal and machine used to power the droids.

Add in a pop of metal and color with the belt that you wear. A gold belt buckle represents C-3PO and is easy to match with a number of golfing outfits. Complete the design with the golfing shoes that you wear. Select shoes that have a chrome finish on the design, cleats, or through the laces. It may be a subtle touch, but it looks great on the golf course.

Kylo Ren

One of the newest villains in the Star Wars universe is Kylo Ren. The mysterious character dresses in all black, much like Darth Vader. Showcase your evil side on the course by matching Kylo's designs. It's easy to pair black on black while golfing. A black vest can easily be worn over a black polo or t-shirt. You can also choose to wear black pants, a black undershirt, and a gray vest to add a little more tone to your design.

Kylo also wears a black mask. A black visor or golfing hat can showcase this style. When shopping for hats, look for ones with a small pop of silver to better represent Kylo's mask.

Get inspiration through the color schemes and designs featured in the Star Wars series. As you shop, inquire about any official Star Wars golfing apparel that can be incorporated into the outfit. Check out retailers like The Golf Guys to get started.