4 Unique Types Of Archery Targets For Children

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4 Unique Types Of Archery Targets For Children

28 September 2015
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For children, learning the sport of archery can become a little repetitive if they are constantly shooting at the same type of target. To help add some creative fun to the mix, you can enhance archery practice with a collection of unique targets. The following four types of targets can easily be purchased and mounted at your archery location for shooting. Not only do they add a unique design to the archery, they can also help create a variety of fun archery games.

Zombie Targets

The rise of zombies through movies, television shows, and video games has created a growing interest in children. Turn your child into a trained zombie hunter by purchasing a zombie archery target. There are a variety of zombie targets to choose from. A full standing zombie features a lurching person with their arms often extended out wide. This gives a child multiple points to shoot at.

A torso zombie target features the top half of a zombie. This is ideal for mounting on top of a target stand or haystacks. The third type of target is a zombie head target. One or multiple heads can be positioned in a row to create a number of targets that children can shoot at. A zombie archery target can be enhanced with the use of zombie sound effects or playlists. It can increase the fun and intensity of each arrow that is shot.

Dinosaur Targets

Head back to prehistoric times by purchasing dinosaur targets for your child. Instead of shooting on animal targets like deer and turkey, your child can feel like a part of "Jurassic Park" with a variety of target options. Dinosaur targets can stand on their own and are available with a number of different species. Some of the more prominent species to select from include the Tyrannosaurus Rex and Velociraptor.

You can also choose from defensive dinosaurs like the Triceratops and Stegosaurus. These dinosaurs offer extra challenges, because children are shooting for the meat on the dinosaur while trying to avoid defensive plates and horns. The historical nature of a bow and arrow also creates a nice compliment to the use of prehistoric creatures for targets.

Rotating Wheel Targets

Turn your child's next archery lesson into a fun carnival-type game. Moving target wheels offer different hit points that are constantly rotating. These hit marks are usually created with a thin layer of chalk, so the arrow continues the motion through the target. When purchasing the chalk for the target, you can select from a variety of colors. The various colors make it easy to assign points. Children can have a number of shots to reach the highest score possible. Each new score will help encourage them to do better and achieve their best score.

Not only are these fun ways to use archery, but the moving targets can help a child improve their focus, coordination, and timing skills. The more they practice on moving targets, the easier it will be to have more accurate shots on stable targets.

Baseball Targets

Mix two games into one by purchasing a baseball archery target for your child. Set up like a baseball field, the target features a number of terms and associations with the game. For example, the baseball diamond consists of areas like single, double, triple, and stealing base. There are also small areas that feature home runs and grand slams.

Each game on a baseball target is played like a real game of baseball. There are strike and out areas that a player must avoid when shooting. The goal is to get as many runs as possible before reaching three outs. When multiple players are shooting, it's easy to take turns and play through multiple innings.

Communicate with your child and a professional supplier, like Wilcox Bait Tackle, to see what type of target they would be most interested in. This will help you select a design that can get the most use out of it.