4 High THC Marijuana Strains To Try

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4 High THC Marijuana Strains To Try

19 March 2019
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

One of the best things about visiting recreational cannabis dispensaries is discovering all of the different strains that are available. You'll see indicas, sativas, and hydrids — high CBD strains and high THC strains. If you're looking for a really relaxing experience that leaves you glued to the couch, consider experimenting with some high THC strains. Here are a few, in particular, that are worth trying.

Royal Gorilla

Royal Gorilla is a very high THC strain that sometimes approaches 30 percent THC! It's an indica/sativa blend, so you get the super calming, stress-relieving effects of the indica with the lingering mental alertness that comes with a sativa. This is not one to take if you have plans of getting anything done! Royal Gorilla tends to be ready to harvest in the fall, and it's a big producer, so it should be pretty easy to find in most dispensaries.

Fat Banana

If you're seeking weed with a fun flavor, then give Fat Banana a try. It really does have a banana-like flavor. This strain is known for its full, couch-like effect. It kicks in quickly and will have you in your own little world, without a care. Ready for harvest in late September, it is a pretty good producer and relatively easy to find.

Purple Queen

At 75% indica and 25% sativa, this interesting blend will make you feel relaxed, yet euphoric. It is a great mood lifter when you want something that will make you feel uplifted, but not necessarily energetic. Purple Queen has an earthy, hash-like scent. It is very low in CBD, however, so you should not expect to get many pain-relieving benefits from it.

Royal Cookies Automatic

Royal Cookies Automatic is a really unique hybrid strain. Not only does it contain indica and sativa genetics, but it's blended with some ruderalis—a lesser-known variety of marijuana native to Asia. It does not contain quite as much THC as the other strains on this list, so you may need to smoke a bit more to get a really strong high. However, once it kicks in, you won't want to move from the sofa. Its scent is described as sweet and minty.

Give one of these high THC strains a try, and enjoy a truly relaxing weekend. For more recommendations, reach out to the budtender at your local recreational cannabis dispensary. They'll be happy to tell you about some of their favorite strains.