3 Types Of Glass Pipes Every Smoking Enthusiast Must Have In Their Collection

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3 Types Of Glass Pipes Every Smoking Enthusiast Must Have In Their Collection

1 May 2017
 Categories: Smoking, Blog

For a lot of years, those who enjoyed smoking have collected an array of pipes made from natural materials like wood. However, there is one other pipe type that is a must have if you are serious about your pipe collection: glass pipes. Glass pipes offer the double advantage of being fully functional for use when smoking and being incredibly artistic and lovely to look at. If you are just starting to build your glass smoking pipe collection, there are a handful of types you will not want to miss. Take a look at these three types of glass pipes every smoking enthusiast should have in their collection. 

Chillum Glass Pipes

Chillum glass pipes are some of the most basic glass pipes and they can be found just about anywhere. These glass pipes are created in the shape of a long tube that is cylindrical in shape. The chillum allows the user to stuff only a small amount of tobacco in one end of the pipe and smoke from the other when the tobacco is lit. Even though basic in form, chillum glass pipes come in an array of different width sizes and colorful styles. 

Glass Gandalf Pipes

If you are already familiar with pipe styles, you likely already know about the gandalf shape, which is also sometimes referred to as a sherlock pipe. This pipe has a telltale classic shape with a bulb for loading material at one end and then a contoured pipe stem that leads up to the opening where you put your mouth during smoking. Gandalf pipes most often have a series of screens and filters that are designed to give you a quality smoking experience, but not all glass gandalf pipes have the same features. Gandalf pipes are excellent to show on display because the flattened base of the bowl allows the pipe to stand freely on its own most of the time. 

Glass Spoon Pipes

Named for their shape, which is similar to that of a spoon, glass spoon pipes are straight and have an opening in one end to house tobacco on the top of the pipe. Glass spoon pipes are actually a little more complex in their design than some of the more simpler styles, such as the chillum, because they do have a carburetor inside to control the release of smoke through the stem. Glass spoon pipes are usually hand blown and can be colorful or made from clear glass. 

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