Whitewater Rafting Is A Fun Adventure To Consider Trying

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Whitewater Rafting Is A Fun Adventure To Consider Trying

6 April 2017
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you are someone who wants to try to be more adventurous but also wants to be as safe as you can be at all times, whitewater rafting may be a great option for you to try. Whitewater rafting allows you to see amazing things that you would never see if you did not go rafting and has become a very safe outdoor adventure to try over the years. The guide below walks you through a few things to know about whitewater rafting to help you feel more comfortable with the adventure.

There Are Different Categories of Rapids

When you go whitewater rafting, you are not going down insane rapids the first time you go down a river. All rivers have areas that have very calm rapids and areas that are fierce and crazy. The rafting company will know where the calmer rapids are and will start you off there for your first few trips so that you can learn what to do in the raft and build confidence in your rafting ability. Rapids are labeled as different categories to indicate how rough they are. You will start on a category one rapid, while someone with a lot of experience will enjoy a category four rapid.

You Do Not Go Down the Rapids Alone

When you go whitewater rafting, you do not go down the rapids alone. You will be with a group of people who will all work together to guide the raft as much as you can with paddles. There will be a guide that will be able to direct your group where to go and walk you through the things to do to get over the rapids with ease.

You Wear Protective Gear When You Raft

You are required to wear a helmet and life vest when you go whitewater rafting to ensure that you are as safe as you can be at all times. The helmet and lifejacket are fit to you specifically to ensure that they fit properly so that you are well protected during the entire trip. You will be given a safety briefing before going out so that you know what to do if the raft flips or if you fall out of it. This does not happen often, but they need you to be prepared just in case it does.

Whitewater rafting is fun and exciting. It can be a great way for you to bond with your friends and try something new together as a group.