Types Of Offshore Boats

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Types Of Offshore Boats

20 January 2017
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Fishing and cruising are popular types of boat recreation. Among the many kinds, there is deep water fishing and cruising. This is when you boat far offshore into the open ocean to catch fish or take a cruise. Deep water fishing always requires that you have a good boat for it. There are many types of offshore boats on the market. One article mentions five kinds of boats that are suitable for offshore fishing.

Center Console

The steering area for this type of boat is fixed on a console in the center of the boat. There is room to walk around the hull from front to back. Like most small boats that are motorized, a center console uses an outboard motor system. These crafts can be anywhere from thirteen to forty-five feet. Bigger center console boats are best for deep water fishing.  


These boats are larger than center consoles, being a minimum of thirty-five feet long. At the back of the boat, there is a deck for fishing. Convertibles feature a flybridge, which is an open deck on top of the main helm or control area. Since these boats often have cabins and galleys, they can be used for pleasure cruising as well as fishing. 

Express Fisherman

As the name implies, this vessel is well-suited for speedy boating. It is great if you want to get to a deep water fishing area quickly. The Express Fisherman has a fish fighting area toward the back of the boat. The room with the controls in it is typically spacious. Although you can use it for overnight trips, this boat isn't particularly good for cruising trips.

Power Catamaran 

They are twenty-five to forty feet long. On this kind of boat, there is a lower cabin and deck plus another console above, so it is called a boat with a dual-hull. Compared to similar mono-hull boats, power catamarans are more fuel efficient, offer faster speeds, and feel more stable. 

Downeast Cruisers

Also known as lobster boats, these vessels are usually made and used on the coasts of New England. They are designed for deep water fishing and for recreational cruising. The boat features a cabin with places to sleep as well as a dining area.

Finding a Boat

Finding the boat that is right for you and your offshore adventures may be a lot of work, but it will pay off in fun. The type you choose will depend on what you want. For example, is speed more important than cruising facilities? Do you want a boat with a flybridge or dual-hull? What length of boat are you seeking? The choice is up to you. Hopefully, you have learned about some of the types of offshore boats that are available.