Where To Go Fly Fishing When You Live In New York City

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Where To Go Fly Fishing When You Live In New York City

7 December 2016
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New York City is a great place for people who love to fish. You are located right near the Hudson river, and you are also close to Long Island, where you can get boats and head out into the Long Island Sound and go off-boat fishing. However, many people like to fly fish and they might wonder where they can do this. Granted, there are no real fly fishing spots within the city limits, or on Long Island, but there are some amazing rivers located a bit outside of the city. Here are two of them.

The Delaware River (East Branch and West Branch)

The Delaware River is famous in the Tri-State region. Many people who live in New York City know about it because it's where rafting, kayaking and canoeing companies run their river trips. The river is very large and powerful, so it might not seem like the best spot to go fly fishing. But, what many people are not aware of is that the Delaware river is formed by two "branches". The East and West Branch. These feed into the main, large river. They are smaller and are better for fly fishing. Perhaps the most famous spot in the area is the area known as Beaver Kill. It's connected with the East Branch of the Delaware and is considered one of the best spots for trout fishing in the entire country. If you want to head up there you simply drive up interstate 87 and then get on Route 17 and take that to the town of Roscoe.

The Neversink River

The Neversink River is a small river that flows out of the large Delaware. While it's small, it is certainly impressive. In fact, it is often noted as the birthplace of fly fishing in the United States.

The water is not too deep, and the river is not very wide, so it's not going to be filled with boats. It also runs through quiet sections of the area, so it is very peaceful and you will feel like you're a million miles from New York City. There is amazing trout fishing to be found there.

The closest town to the river is Port Jervis. This is really cool for those in New York City who don't have a car. You can catch a train out of Penn Station, switch to another train in Secaucus, New Jersey and ride it to Port Jervis. The Bergan/Port-Jervis line on New Jersey Transit runs out of Secaucus Junction several times a day and the city of Port Jervis is the last stop on the train. Once in Port Jervis, you can get a taxi to take you to the Neversink River.

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