Buying Your First Motorcycle? Follow These Essential Beginner Tips

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Buying Your First Motorcycle? Follow These Essential Beginner Tips

10 August 2016
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

If you are currently looking to buy your first motorcycle, it is an exciting time. However, it is important that you don't rush into the purchase, and instead give the matter some careful thought and consideration. Here are some tips to follow when you are serious about buying your first motorcycle.

Try Out Different Styles and Models

To start with, you need to know exactly what type of motorcycle to buy. You might have seen sleek, oversized street bikes on television and really wanted to have one, but have you ever sat on one or ridden one? You may find that this is not the bike for you. The first thing to do is visit a local motorcycle dealer and just sit on the different bikes. This gives you a better idea of the engine size, body size, weight, and overall feel of the bikes. Even something as simple as seat position can make a big difference in which bike you like the best.

Go for That Test Ride

Even if you haven't spent much time riding motorcycles, you should still take a test drive. Let the motorcycle dealer know if you are new to riding, and they will choose a spot in their parking lot that is empty and give you time to test ride it in a smaller, confined area. Get a feel for how the bike handles, shifting the gears gradually during the test drive, applying the brakes, and making turns. These basic motions will let you know if this is the motorcycle for you. Don't be afraid to let the dealer know that something isn't quite right and that you would like to test-drive something else.

Know What to Look for When Buying Used

Buying a used motorcycle helps you save money, but there are also some risks. Primarily, if you are new to owning a motorcycle, you might not know much about repairs either. Unless you have some mechanical knowledge, you want a motorcycle in pristine condition so you don't have to worry about excessive maintenance and repairs. Some things to avoid in a used bike to ensure it is in good condition include rust on the body, a cracked seat, aftermarket parts, and odd noises or smells. These things might seem basic, but they are signs that the motorcycle has taken quite a beating and might not be in the best shape.

If you have not ridden a motorcycle before but want to buy one to learn to use and get your license, bring along an experienced rider to help with the test drive.