Safety Tips To Remember When You Rent A Jet Ski

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Safety Tips To Remember When You Rent A Jet Ski

26 April 2016
 Categories: Recreation & Sports, Blog

Renting jet skis with a few of your friends and spending the day on the water is sure to create lasting memories -- and a handful of thrills in the meantime. However, you want to be sure that everyone arrives back at the dock at the end of the day safely. Keeping safe on your jet ski is about more than always wearing your life jacket, watching for other watercraft and keeping your speed under control. If you haven't previously enjoyed this type of recreational vehicle, here are some important safety tips to keep in mind.

Don't Assume Others See You

It's important to remember that you're one of the smallest crafts on the water, which means that even though you can see the other boaters around you, they might not always see you. To this end, don't assume other boaters have noticed you and are taking into account your position. This means that you should slow down as you approach any other watercraft and always keep a significant distance between you.

Always Use Your Kill Cord

The kill cord on a jet ski connects to the console and is clipped to your wrist. It's designed to shut off the jet ski's power as soon as the cord becomes disengaged -- which occurs if you fall off. Keeping the cord in place is absolutely integral. Not only will it mean that your watercraft will be nearby in the event that you fall in the water, but it will prevent the jet ski from continuing on and crashing into another boat.

Don't Head For Big Wakes

You might have grand plans of finding the fastest-moving boat on the water and soaring off its wake, but unless you're an experienced jet ski enthusiast, this action isn't advisable. While the average jet ski rider can safely get a thrill running over a small wake at a controlled speed, don't bite off more than you can chew. If you're eager to take this bumpy ride, look for a small wake to get acquainted with.

Watch For Signs

You can avoid any potential problems by being vigilant about watching for signs posted along the shore. Signs will warn you of many things, including the appropriate speed for the area, whether watercraft traveling in a certain direction have the right of way and more. Just like when you're driving a car, keeping your head swiveling to watch for signs is a smart way to increase your safety on the water when renting a jet ski from a company like West End Water Sports.